Harvest Update 15th March

Baume results 14th March

A few warmer days lately, we missed the showers that were around last weekend so the grapes are ripening well.

Block28th Feb7th March14th March
Block 110 Be11.3 BePicked out for Rose'
Block 29.5 Be10.9 Be12.5 Be
Block 39.4 Be11.3 Be12.2 Be
Block 48.8 Be11.7 Be11.9
Block 58.5 Be9.6 Be10.7 Be
Start of Picking

We will still start general picking on the 14th March for those people seeking 12.5-13 Be, and the season is likely to run through to early April (Easter??). As you can see Blocks 4 and 5 are stubbornly slow.

Picking your own

If you haven't already advised me, please let me know your preferred date. Anytime from the 14th March. 13+ Be likely to be from 18th March.

Collecting from the Vineyard

Likewise if you haven't already advised me of a date to collect your grapes from the vineyard, please let me know a date and I'll organise for them to be picked fresh. Sunday collections will have been picked on the Saturday as my pickers don't work Sundays.


I've started scheduling deliveries. Will start with inner suburbs next Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd. Eastern suburbs run planned for Thursday 23rd. Will get my head down and schedule South, West and North and Sydney and Brisbane deliveries as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience.

Most deliveries will have to be during the week as I have been unable to get a driver and I'm needed at the vineyard on the weekends. As noted above picking is likely to run through to early April. If your needs don't fit my delivery run, you are most welcome to collect from the vineyard.

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