Summer Mixed Pack

Original price was: $150.Current price is: $120.

Light, white and summery.

A great way to introduce yourself to the Shiraz Republic range of wines. A great gift to a wine lover interested in trying a variety of wines.

A fun mixture of lighter reds, whites and rosé.

Current rotation (as of Summer 2022):

2 x 2022 Democracy! Greco
Italian white varietal. Crisp, notes of citrus & minerals
2 x 2022 Democracy! Grenache Rosé
Refreshing, bright, fruit-forward rosé.
1 x 2021 Democracy! Sangiovese
The perfect pizza wine, light, fruit-forward and spicy.
1 x 2021 Democracy! Tempranillo
Salud! A bright Spanish style. Ripe cherry and sweet vanilla.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 17 cm

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