Shiraz Grapes

"You can't make wine that's better than the grapes you use"

Our Shiraz grapes are low yield, freshly hand-picked and free of disease.

Do you know what a ripe bunch of shiraz grapes looks like? Although wine is the most imbibed beverage in the world (after tea), most have never experienced the flavour of a full bodied Heathcote shiraz, made using traditional open vats and minimal intervention from the winemaker.

It is our goal to open the road to this rich experience. The Shiraz Republic ‘s own wine is full bodied, low intervention wine because it’s simply better tasting and much more diverse in its range of subtle flavours than the over finessed, over watered wine you will find in most large scale commercial wines. And enjoying it is as easy as opening the bottle.

We are committed to supporting wine lovers to make their own wine, to be as involved in the process as they wish. We supply premium Shiraz grapes to home winemakers and small wineries. Our grapes are low yield, freshly hand-picked and are available for delivery or vineyard pick-up. You are also welcome to visit the Shiraz Republic, with some friends and family and pick your grapes yourself.

Read more of this message From The President or scroll down for more info on Heathcote Shiraz Grapes.


Orders are open for 2024. We'll be posting our first updates for the season in the new year.

Get the latest on our testing of the grapes from our Blog: 


Home Winemakers

PRICING:  Price $2.80/kg picked and packed (see order form).

Update on Deliveries

Sorry to say, home delivery has it has been for the last twenty years has now ceased. The President is now 70 and his knees say no more. The President-Elect is too busy with production and short-term drivers are hard to come by. All grape orders will now be collect from the vineyard by default (except interstate). 

Courier delivery available to depot in west of Melbourne (Derrimut).  Each order needs to be a single pallet- fork off/fork on.  Minimum order is 300kg. Delivery cost is 10% of the cost of your grape order. Smaller orders are possible but as we are charged by the pallet space the delivery cost will be greater. 

Interstate Deliveries.  Minimum order 500kg.We can deliver interstate to depots in Sydney and Brisbane. Delivery cost is 20% of the cost of your grape order.

Save 15 % by picking your own!  You can of course pick the grapes yourself and take them home fresh from the vineyard.
If you haven’t already tried this it can be a fun day for the family and friends, but try to bring enough people to pick your grapes in about 2 hours. (Most people can pick about 50kg in 1 hour.)

We accommodate requests for Baumé & clone as best as we can, but please note you need to be available for collection days in order for us to fulfil these requests, otherwise we will provide the best available grapes to you if you require collection on specific day.


Shiraz Grapes, hand picked into bulk bins -discount of 10%, not including transport.

You must supply your own bulk bins, provided they comply with Phyloxera controls (Heathcote is a Phyloxera-free zone).

Social Etiquette

Displays of wine snobbery may be seen as signs of superiority and frowned upon accordingly. We in the Shiraz Republic treat each other as equals, no matter the quantity of grapes that you purchase or the scale of your wine making.
Here is a summary of the Shiraz Republic’s Social Etiquette policy.

1.  Make yourself known. ("G’day how ya goin’?")
2.  You tell me what you want. (Provided it’s Shiraz)

a. How much (kilograms/tonnes)
b. Where
c. When (roughly, the weather and the vines make the rules)
d. Any special requests (Baume’, clone)
e. Your contact details

3. We agree.
4. We keep our word.
5. You keep yours.
6. We test the grapes each week. (and inform you via this website)
7. We tell you when they will be delivered. (We try to give you at least a few days notice.)
8. All hell breaks loose as we get the crew together to pick, pack and transport.
9. Our intrepid driver delivers to you. (Make sure someone is around to help him unload)
10. You pay on delivery or organise a bank transfer ahead of delivery. (Cash on delivery, Bank Transfer or Card facilities at vineyard)
11. You make good wine. (don’t be afraid to get it tested. The wine supplies shop is your friend!)
12. Keep in touch. (Register with The Shiraz Republic, follow us on twitter, facebook etc.)

Stay in touch

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