Vintage Update 2024 - No 1

Veraison has Started

January 12th and we have the start of veraison. Hopefully this means we are on track for a "normal" start to the season. The fruit looks good and we have worked hard with our agronomist to get the right balance of fertilisers with all the micro-nutrients the plants need to produce top quality grapes. I expect that picking will start in early March, but watch the website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates. (@ShirazRepublic)

No storm damage

Despite the storm activity we have seen since Christmas day, we here at the Shiraz Republic have not experienced any storm damage. Thunderstorms are notoriously fickle and there can be large variations in rainfall across a region. In the big downpours of the 7th and 8th January we received a relatively modest 60mm of rain. Some neighbours reported 90mm and you may have seen on the news that the town of Heathcote received 180mm and had some flooding. (Heathcote township is about 30km south of the Shiraz Republic.) Surrounding towns at Goornong and Tatura reported large hailstones. So while we were very wet under foot we escaped to tell the tale.

Before the rain, we managed to get a full spray of the grape canopy with Sulphur and Copper to give protection against Downy and Powdery Mildew. We have had a few days with temperature in the low 30s, and a few more forecast for the week ahead.

Order your Grapes Now

If you are planning on making wine this vintage, now is the time to order your grapes.
Whether you are a winery wanting to order several tonnes or a first time winemaker wanting a very small amount we can supply you premium grapes you need to make quality wine. But it will be first come first served!
I've put details of pricing on the website

(http://www.shirazrepublic.com.au/shiraz-grapes/ ).
The price is the same as last year $2.80/kg picked and packed by us. You can save 15% by picking your own. 

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