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Shareholder: Bottling Party

Bottling time is here

Your Shareholder winemaking experience is coming towards a close. We've scheduled a date to get back to the winery and join in the fun of bottling wine with a final Bottling Party.

As always, our cellar door will be offering great booze and pizza all day, with live music from 2pm.
To help us coordinate our bookings, please let us know how many people are joining you on the day. You are always welcome to bring your own food along as well if you fancy a post bottling picnic.

Each Shareholder package includes 6 bottles of Shiraz - bottled on the day and provided with a personalised label. You can choose to take more home (organised before bottling... or on the day) for an additional $150/dozen.

Please book in for bottling via the calendar below. Contact us via email rentarow@shirazrepublic.com.au with any questions, issues or requests.

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