“Wine of the people, by the people, for the people.”

*with apologies to Abraham Lincoln. 

Shiraz Republic - Wine of the People

Shiraz Republic first made wine in 2006 using our estate-grown Shiraz vines planted by Brian Spencer in 2002. The philosophy then, as it is now, is to showcase the premium Shiraz fruit that Heathcote is famous for. That means following the principles of minimal intervention winemaking and letting the vintage tell the story - working with the wine, not against it. This is the essence of lo-fi, small batch winemaking and it allows us to offer vertical tastings at our cellar door that showcase the differences across each season across our signature Shiraz wines.

This tradition is continued on through Brian’s son Spencer Page, who joined the family winery in 2015 and has increasingly taken the reins in the winery. This has led to the introduction of increased variety at the winery, as we look to create more diverse tasting options at the cellar door to include white wines, rosé and other emerging red varietals into our winemaking offering.

A staple since 2016 has been our Old Beddy shiraz, bold and robust just like the ‘64 Bedford truck itself. And this wine is the full expression of our winemaking philosophy, premium Shiraz fruit, open fermented for 3 weeks and aged in barrel for 12 months in 25% new French Oak barriques to bring out the best that Heathcote Shiraz has to offer.

Democracy! wines - Wine for the People

Shiraz Republic expands its range into new varieties and styles to meet the demands of the people with the Democracy! Wines. Fun new styles and takes on familiar ones that are approachable, yet interesting and complex.

The flagship of the range has to be the Democracy! Tempranillo, with the inaugural 2019 vintage selling out in months but with some upscaling sees it return in bigger and better in 2021 alongside a Tempranillo Reserve, Sangiovese and Shiraz and in 2022, Heathcote Greco & Grenache Rosé, join alongside as great chilled wine pairings. 

Winemaker Spencer Page practises hands-on winemaking, like all Shiraz Republic wine, with a continuation of their philosophy of minimal intervention and minimal use of oak to create fruit-forward, expressive styles that are complex, interesting, yet fruit-forward and refreshing.

Rent a Row - Wine by the People

And if you want to make it yourself, we open our vineyard and winery to the punter with our winemaking experience, Rent-A-Row. Experience the fun of the vineyard by making your own wine, with full support from vine to bottle


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