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Shareholder: Oak Tasting

Let’s talk about oak.

Behind the scenes, the next thing we have to do to your wine will be to transfer (rack) your wine from its current tank to a fresh tank to remove the sediment (lees) from pressing that has now settled to the bottom. But before we do this, we need to taste the wine and decide on oak treatments that will work best with the wine and more importantly are suitable to the palate of the winemaker (you). As Shareholder's you can all vote on the best way to mature this wine and as winemakers we will take this on when we go to mature the wine.

These sessions will be conducted across weekend and take approximately 2 hours, with plenty of time to ask questions. On these days, we’ll be offering our pizza menu for lunch and will have live music on in the afternoon to make it a great winter road trip.

Once the wine is racked and the oak added, it'll continue to mature and develop until we see you again at the Bottling Party.
Book into bottle via our Rent-A-Row Hub, where you'll find some label information and inspiration.

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