Experience the fun of the vineyard without the hard work

The Stomping Parties

A good old fashioned grape stomp.

The day begins at our cellar door where all the days Rent-a-Row Shareholder winemakers and Stomping Party Day Pass holders congregate at around 12pm. Before we head out into the vineyard to pick, we will get you together, introduce you to our team, and give you a short briefing on the day. We head out into the vineyard and pick for about 45 minutes to collect the grapes to make wine..

Once picking is done, it is time for a well-earned cold drink and a spot of lunch. During this stage, we ask for your patience during this intermission and ask that you remain at the cellar door until we invite you over to the winery.

After a bit of a break we will get everyone back together and take you over to our winery for crushing and stomping. We introduce you to the crusher/destemmer and then it’s stomping time. Once you’ve had your fill of stomping, that’s a wrap on the winemaking part of the day and you can retire to our cellar door for food, music, and fun.

If you haven’t already, you can book in for your Stomping Party date via the calendar form below.

The next opportunity you have to join in the winemaking experience with us is pressing, which you can book in for now through this link (or through the Shareholder Hub). The Pressing Matters workshops will be hosted over two weekends in April.

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