Balaclava Mine at Whroo

Visit the impressive Balaclava Mine at Whroo and look down from the edge into this massive open cut mine!

Lookout points provide views down over the extensive workings below.

John Lewis and James Nickinson discovered a gold nugget on top of this hill on the 25th of October, 1854. 

This was the same day as the Battle of Balaklava in Russia, which is where the name Balaclava came from for the mine. 

The Balaclava Mine was opened the next year in 1855, and it became the most extensive, famous and rich mine in the north eastern district!

Today visitors can explore the mine via a series of walking tracks and lookout points. 

Please note that access to the open cut is now prohibited for safety reasons. 

Reedy Lake Road, Whroo VIC 3612

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